Workshop at Machiya, KYO-ISUKE

An elegant time to play with Maiko

A special world of Maiko that cannot be entered without an introduction. We would like to introduce Maiko and Geiko specially from KYO-ISUKE.

Traditional culture of Kyoto.
Enjoy Kyoto Kaiseki with Maiko and Geiko. Heartfelt hospitality through numerous traditional arts such as Japanese dance and games.
You can enjoy a special world in Kyoto’s Kagai.

Place      Miyagawa cho 
Fee       Adults(Above junior high school students) 
        2 persons From 60000 JPY /1person
        3 persons From 57000 JPY /1person
          4 persons From 54000 JPY /1person
        5 persons From 53000 JPY /1person
        6 persons From 49000 JPY /1person
        7 persons From 44000 JPY /1persson
      Elementary school students
        From 13000JPY/1person 
Included     Seat fee , 1 Maiko and 1 Geigo ,  2 Maiko and 1 Geiko for 5 persons or more , Food and drink
      Toddler (2 years old and over)
        From 2500 JPY /1person (Drink fee only. Children’s food can be brought in)
      Infants (under 2 years old)
        Free (Children’s food and drink can be brought in )        
Payment    Prepaid
Time       18:00~20:30(Regular business hours)
        17:00~19:30(Last order 19:00)(Open for a short time)
Language    Japanese only
Regular holiday  Wed. Sun. public holiday. Dec. 26~Jan. 10 Apr. 1~Apr. 20 (Confirmation required)
Application   Please fill in the following and contact us by e-mail at least one week before your booking date.
        After checking availability, we will inform you whether the reservation is possible or not.
        (A) Date 
        (B) Number of people:
        ① Adults (junior high school students and above),
        ②Elementary school students,
        ③Toddlers (2 years old and over),
        ④infants (under 2 years old)
        Please let us know if you have a second or third spare day and it will be smooth.
Cancellation fee
        It is different from the accommodation cancellation policy.      
        Cancelling on or after 31 days before will be charged a fee of 10% of the rate.
        Cancelling on or after 15 days before will be charged a fee of 25% of the rate.
        Cancelling on or after 8 days before will be charged a fee of 40% of the rate.
        Cancelling on or after 3 days before will be charged a fee of 80% of the rate.
        Cancelling on the day before and the day will be charged at 100% of the rate.

※Direct payment such as addition is not possible locally.
※The rates may vary depending on the season, so we will provide you with a quotation.
※Depending on the circumstances, the contents may change or reservations may not be accepted. Thank you for your understanding.
※This plan is only introductions from KYO-ISUKE.