It is a journey to stay at a special place on the secret alley
-which would make your time in Kyoto even more special-

A stay at Kyo-Machiya, a traditional Kyoto style house with 100 years of history,
A comfortable and sanitary stay with the equipment up to date,
This is the best hidden place when you seek for both.

Chartered house

Garden view bath house, Machiya that remains in the shape of the ancient times


Expansive Machiya house in Japanese modernism with a passage garden


Garden view bath tab made by Shigarakiyaki ware, Machiya in Taisho Modernism style



  • Free Wi-Fi /  Credit card

    ◆Free Wi-Fi

    ◆Payment method Credit card
    ・Visa・Mastercard・American Express・Discover・Diners・JCB

    ◆Payment method Credit card (payment on site)
    ・Visa・Mastercard・American Express・Discover・Diners・JCB・Alipay・WeChat Pay・LINE Pay

  • IN OUT  /  Luggage

    Service can be also flexible outside of the operation hours. Please feel free to inquire in advance.

    ◆Check-in: 15: 30-20: 30
    ◆Check-out: ~11: 00
     ・Before check-in: 10:00~ Please request in advance.
     ・After check-out: ~ 18: 00 Please request during the stay.

    ◆Courier Service
     ・Receiving: Advance request is required, please set the delivery for the morning of the arrival date.
     ・Sending: Please request by the morning a day before the departure date.

    ◆Luggage delivery
    Hotel ⇔ Kyoto Station ・ Hotel ⇔ Hotel 
    ■Crosta Kyoto
    ■Kyoto Delivery Service

  • Family

    For guests in every generation to have a comfortable stay…
    ◆Duvet for children sharing the bed ¥2,000/set/every 2 nights/tax included
    ◆Tableware and rice porridge cooker for children
    ◆Child chair and table
    ◆Snacks and juice for children under elementary school
    ◆Sealed garbage bin for diapers (Hokomachi・Mukadeyacho)
    ◆Space for stroller (Hokomachi・Mukadeyacho)
    ◆Stairs in the house are very steep. For those who may have difficulty using the stairs, we can prepare the bed on the first floor. Please request in advance.

  • Eco and Cleaning

    Rooms are made every 2 days for your comfortable stay.
    ◆Towels are provided for 2 days
    ◆We appreciate for your cooperation to maintain the eco-friendly environment. Please let us know if you do not require sheet changes for stays of 3 nights or more.
    ◆Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry.

  • Kitchen / Meal

    Tasty meals at restaurants in the city and relaxing meals in the hotel room. Well balanced stay with reasonable costs performance.

    ◆A toaster oven, microwave and casserole for simple cooking are available
    ◆Please use a microwave for rice porridge for babies. ※Please refrain from cooking with fire.
    ◆Japanese tableware is available for meals bought from outside so that you can eat and relax in the room.
    ◆Bottled water(Hokomachi, Mukadeyacho), purified water(Otonari), coffee, English tea, Japanese tea and Japanese sweets from famous shops in Kyoto are available. ※Tap water in Kyoto is famous for being safe and good to drink.
    ◆Wine glasses, wine opener, electric kettles etc are available.
    ◆Food catering of Kyoto style Kaiseki meal is available to enjoy in the room.

  • Laundry 

    Washing machine is available in the room with free of charge.
    ◆Drum type washer/dryer
    ◆Laundry detergent
    ※Please do not wash the hotel towels, those will be replaced when required.
    ※We appreciate your consideration for the neighbors and finishing the laundry by 21:00.

Optional services

Meals in the room

Breakfast and dinner for your choice
Please relax and enjoy the meal in the private room.
We can arrange a special delivery meal which is considered as a typical Kyoto culture, popular “teoriaezushi”(hand made rice rolls with local food) and so on.

Workshop at Machiya, KYOISUKE.

Not only to cover the standard sightseeing, you can also enjoy special workshops at a traditional Japanese house. We can arrange the experience such as “Tea ceremony” “Tsumamizaiku(traditional Japanese accessory making), at KYOISUKE and a play “Ochaya Asobi” games with Maiko.


A house with a garden you can charter

It is a long shaped Kyo-Machiya protected from Taisho period so called “Unagi no Nekoko”(the bed of eel). Small garden at the back is where the natural light comes into the house. The hot bath will heal your tired body from traveling and enjoy the luxurious time only for yourselves with the typical Kyoto food, wine and sake bought from Nishiki market. The night will be quiet at this hidden house on the tasteful alley. In the morning, you will taste the typical breakfast delivered from a traditional Japanese restaurant.

Stay together

You may want to stay together with your family. KYO-ISUKE allows a family or group to stay in one house.  “Mukadeyacho” can hold up to 4 persons, “OTonari” up to 5 persons and “Hokomachi” house up to 7 persons. When you combine those houses, maximum of 16 persons can stay together. It can be for a group of any sort, a group of females, family or a group separated by generations. It is convenient to go out to different destinations by the group as “Otonari” and “Hokomachi” do not require to bring the key with you. (“Mukadeyacho” requires to hold a key.)

Finding Kyoto experience

We offer options for special experiences at KYO-ISUKE to make the stay in Kyoto more interesting.

Playing traditional games with geisha in admired “Hanamachi“ geisha quarter. (Location will be at a Ochaya(tea house) introduced by KYO-ISUKE.)

Taste Kyoto style meal known as the typical food delivery culture. Breakfast・Dinner

Japanese crafts workshop experience in Machiya

Finding Kyoto experience

5 minutes walk from the nearest station

Hanging out at the fashionable and reasonable shops and restaurants loved by locals in Karasuma business area will make you an experienced traveler.

The station is a convenient hub for 3 public transportations.
Subway Shijo Sta. , Hankyu Karasuma Sta. , Bus Shijo Karasuma

Airport limousine Karasuma stop, 5 min walk

A convenient store and a supermarket are in 3 min walk.

Post office, 1 min walk

Metered parking, 1 min walk

※Indicated time are approximates.

You can reach to the popular sightseeing spots on foot

KYO-ISUKE is surrounded by Nijo Castle, Imperial palace, Kawaramachi and Gion area and Kyoto Station within  walking distance.

Nishiki market, 8 min walk : Popular spot with a lot of delicious food

Mikane Shrine, 10 min walk : Recommend annual visit for God of Money

Shijo Kawaramachi area, 15 min walk : Locals hang out here

Nijo Castle, 15 min walk : Fully enjoy the history at the world heritage

And more.

※Indicated time are approximates.

Private charter
Service for each guest needs

Chartering the whole house to enjoy the private space and the office in front can support the guest requirements. We are well spoken for providing a safe stay even for a group of females only or with children.

Cloak service before arrival and after departure, luggage delivery and receiving

Arranging a food delivery

Advise for access to the destinations, sightseeing and restaurants

Room decoration with balloons for birthday and anniversary

Taxi arrangement etc

※Please note that some arrangements need to be requested in advance.
9: 00-18: 00 (flexible)


Access from Kyoto Station

Subway:Get off at Shijo station, 2 stations away by Subway Karasuma line bound for Kokusai Kaikan
Bus:Get off at Shijo Karasuma by Kyoto City bus #26 or #101
Taxi:About 2.5km
Please give the following address to the driver. 中京区百足屋町378-3(新町通錦小路上ル)

Access from the airport

About 55 minutes from Osaka International Airport (Itami) to Kyoto Station by airport limousine bus
About 75 minutes from Kansai International Airport to Kyoto Station by limited express Haruka
Access information from the station and airport is as follows.>>

Access by car

Meishin Highway 6.5km from Kyoto Minami (South) interchange, approx. 18 minutes
Meishin Highway 9.4km from Kyoto Higashi (East) interchange, approx. 22 minutes
Above mentioned information are according to the route search by car navigators.
For car navigator, please search “378-3 Mukadeyacho, Nakagyo-Ku, Kyoto”
No private parking area is available. Please use the nearby toll car park.

Sightseeing Spots

  • Nishiki Market
    About a 8-min walk


  • Nijo Castle
    About a 15-minute walk


  • Kyoto Gyoen National Garden
    About a 20-min walk


  • Kawaramachi, Gion, Kamogawa
    About a 20-min walk


  • Kiyomizu Temple
    About a 15-min bus ride


  • Sanjusangendo
    About a 15-min bus ride

    三十三間堂 (バスで約15分)

  • Kinkakuji Temple
    About a 30-min bus ride


  • Ginkakuji Temple・Tetsugakunomichi
    About a 20-min bus ride


  • Fushimi Inari Shrine
    About a 20-min train ride


  • Uji・Byodoin
    About a 25-min train ride


  • Arashiyama
    About a 15-min train ride


  • Kifune・Kurama
    About a 45-min train and bus ride


※The time from the nearest station from KYO-ISUKE INN to the sight seeing spots indicated are approximate except the walking case and does not include the time required for connection.


Basic Cancellation Policy

On the day of the arrival date or no show without notice … 100%
The day before and 2 days prior to the arrival date … 80%
3 to 14 days prior to the arrival date … 50%

Some stay plans have individual cancellation policy. Please check on the reservation page.